More Information About Our Services

  • Remedial Massage

    For injuries and pain management (acute or chronic). The use of fascia and joint…

    Remedial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    For when you want a strong massage, to help release tight muscles and joints.

    Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage

    Pre/post and in-between events massage, to help with managing and prevention of injuries.

    Sports Massage
  • Relaxation Massage

    The massage techniques are more flowing and are more superficial but are still firm.

    Relaxation Massage
  • Reflexology

    Is the releasing acupressure points in hands/feet, to help bring the body back to balance.

  • Chair Massage

    Ideal for Corporate Massage or for the person on the go…

    Chair Massage
  • Infrared Sauna

    Sweating in an infrared sauna helps body release toxins. Including heavy metals…

    Infrared Sauna